The Skywater Group is committed to providing professional brokerage and trading services for real estate, aircraft and yachts.

It is the Skywater Group's mission to provide our clients and professionals the ability to cross resource opportunities with an in-house full service product.

Furthermore, relationships are the core foundation for the company and client ability to succeed. We recognize the relationship advantage as a priceless value. The combination of strong mixed skill sets and personalized services will ultimately benefit the client and further galvanize their relationship with Skywater.

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Luxury Yacht Brokerage

SKYWATER YACHTS is an international yacht brokerage company capable of structuring and handling challenging international transactions, with 25 years experience in the international arena. We facilitate:

  • Power and sail brokerage transactions of all sizes, for Buyers and Sellers
  • New vessel construction
  • Yacht charters
  • Trade scenarios and 1031 transactions
  • Outright Purchase and Donation transactions

For more information contact (1) 954.607.4238 ext 3
or e-mail (yachts@skywatergroup.com)

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Florida Real Estate Brokerage

SKYWATER ESTATES is pleased to present the most unique luxury real estate brand. With "out of the box" social media marketing, and "roll up our sleeves" work ethic, we are confident our brokerage services will exceed your expectations. From Florida to around the world, we have Realtors ready to help you with:

  • Luxury / Waterfront Real Estate
  • Condominiums
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Investment / Short Sale / REO Properties
  • Rentals

For more information contact (1) 954.607.4238 ext 2
or e-mail (estates@skywatergroup.com)

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Trading Platform

One of the benefits of working with the Skywater Group is our ability to cross resource our clientele's needs. As well as cash based sales, we offer our clients a trading option. In this tough economy cash buyers are not as prevalent. As a result of the challenging market, our "out of the box" thinking allows us to access other asset owners who are open to trading. Unlike most trading sites, Skywater provides skilled professionals in their respective disciplines – Aircraft / Real Estate / Yachts.

For more information contact (1) 954.607.4238 ext 4
Or email (trade@skywatergroup.com).

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Aircraft Brokerage

Skywater Jets is proud to bring you the "real world" of aircraft acquisition and sales. Our aviation sales associates are not only experienced in their markets, but supported with the backing of real world aviating experience.

We specialize in the following aircraft categories:

  • Transport Category Aircraft
  • Heavy / Midsize / Light Jet Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Turboprops

For more information contact (1) 954.607.4238 ext 1
or e-mail (jets@skywatergroup.com)

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